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In 2014 Gainesville State College consolidated with North Georgia College and State University and was renamed the University of North Georgia. Since then, the University of North Georgia has recorded a steady increase in enrollment numbers from Hispanic students. For example, in the fall of 2014 only 879 Hispanic students were enrolled at the university. By the fall of 2018 the enrollment number for Hispanic students grew to 2,629 students. Currently, Hispanic students make up 13.3% of the student population at UNG with the majority enrolled at the Gainesville campus. Given the enrollment trend for Hispanic students at UNG, it is highly probable the University of North Georgia will qualify as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) in the upcoming years. However, for a university to be considered an HSI, the population of Hispanic students enrolled at a university must be at least 25%. Benefits of a university holding the title of a Hispanic Serving Institution include the eligibility to apply for grants from the Department of Education among other benefits. Building on existing literature about factors that create a welcoming college environment for Hispanic students, and eventually conducting a small survey of Hispanic students at UNG, my research seeks to study the factors that have contributed to the growth of Hispanic enrollment at UNG. I will also offer suggestions for continuing growth in Hispanic enrollment at UNG.


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    • Sociology & Human Services

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    • Gainesville

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    • MPR 2

  • Event date
    • 22 March 2019

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    19 July 2022

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      Dr. Michallene McDaniel