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Charles and David Koch, the owners of Koch industries are currently making a revisionist history that could potentially change the world forever. They claim climate change is a hoax, and because of their money, they are able to make large contributions to U.S. Politicians who also are climate change deniers. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s well-known work, The Great Gatsby, Gatsby attempts to use his immense wealth to make a revisionist history. This novel is a classic story of the American dream. Born to poor farmers in North Dakota, Jay Gatsby dreams himself all the way to New York’s elite in west egg. Gatsby’s greatest desire is for Daisy to love him as she did before the war. Before Gatsby left, she promised to wait for him. However, she found a new lover, and married Nick Buchanan. When Gatsby arrives back in New York, he tries to change the fact that he was gone for years, and that Daisy didn’t wait for him. We cannot change the past, but we can control what happens in the future.

As Marnie Hughes Warrington writes, “Revision in history is thus in one sense dispersion history. Writers not only narrate the dissipation of a particular view of the past; they also in some cases seek it.” Gatsby is trying to disperse all his pasts such as: his upbringing, his time in the war, and the way he accumulated his wealth. Gatsby is trying to dissipate his past, by making a revisionist history which is unethical because such histories romanticize terrible historical events and disable us from learning from history.


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