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This research examines the effectiveness of NetHunter in conducting penetration testing on an Android device. The platform is designed to run on Android devices that could consist of using a custom kernel and a wireless network adapter. This will contain the following installation and configuration of the NetHunter platform on a Nexus 7 device. The research will then evaluate NetHunter's ability to execute different penetration testing techniques like network scanning, exploitation, and vulnerability assessment. Using NetHunter applications and tools makes it possible to exploit and identify vulnerabilities in target systems. The results of the research will show that not only is NetHunter is a powerful penetration tester but also a feasible option. In conclusion, the results from this research will show and utilize the tools and the platform’s abilities in everyday penetration testing even while on the go. This research will provide evidence to show the importance of mobile device penetration testing.


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    • English

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    • Computer Science & Information Systems

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    • Cyber Security

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    • Dahlonega

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    • University of North Georgia

  • Date submitted

    17 February 2023

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