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In America, there is a known rise in type II diabetic patients. This is seen with the general population but also the patient population at my clinical site, Community Family Practice. This study hypothesized from initial observation at Community Family Practice there was a lack of information available to this patient population. Upon observation of patients coming in for repeated visit with lack of information to give them, it was hypothesized that a diabetic fact sheet would be beneficial to this patient population.


The purpose of this project is to examine and develop an educational information sheet tailored to the diabetic patients of Community Family Practice.

Methods and Procedures:

Assess the patient’s needs by a utilizing a pre-survey using the Likert scale to tailor what patient information patients want and need on a diabetic fact sheet.

Develop a diabetic fact sheet with information to the tailored patient population in the population reading level of 6th grade.

Hand out the diabetic fact sheet to the diabetic patients at Community Family Practice.

Upon handing out the fact sheet to the diabetic patients pass out a post survey using the Likert scale to measure the fact sheet’s effectiveness.

Keywords: Diabetes, Patient Education, Sixth grade reading level, Fact sheet, Likert scale


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      Carolynn DeSandre