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My pieces is a four-tier fountain containing three hand-built ceramic sculptures and one wheel thrown piece. The concept is movement. I'm Interested in how living beings are in constant motion and wanted to portray this in a piece that had literal motion as well as visual motion.


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19 Jul 2022
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    19 July 2022

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    • Ceramics, various sizes

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      I have always been inspired by nature. The colors, the textures, the sounds. As a kid, I loved being outside, exploring, camping. I always drew animals and, once I got older, found a love for painting landscape scenes. I came to the University of North Georgia, where I took my first ceramics class; I fell in love. I found my passion creating functional pieces of art with a media derived from nature.

      The concept behind my fountain is movement. We live in a world where everyone and everything is moving so fast. Not only are we busy moving in everyday life, but our organs must remain moving in order for us to live; our hearts pump and our lungs expand and our minds race. Our hands work, give, and grasp. Our eyes move to observe and our mouths move to speak. This is true in nature as well. Animals live and grow throughout their life cycles, flowers open, wind blows, leaves dance about. Streams flow, water tumbles and splashes down a waterfall, rain falls, tides roll in and out, tears drop down your cheeks. The stars never sit still, the planet is always in orbit, seasons collapse into one another. Movement is essential for our existence, and I find this so interesting. Even clay must stay in motion on the wheel in order for a piece to be created.

      My fountain portrays human arms holding up leaf bowls. These are hand built sculptures, and one wheel thrown bowl, that brings human and nature together. I have added smaller details to push this idea such as eyes on the moth's wings, a face in the tree, and a vine on the arm representing a vein. There is implied motion in the positions of the arms and the textures of each piece. There is also literal motion as the pump pushes water to the top and it flows gently from one piece to the next until it reaches the bottom again, creating a never-ending cycle of motion.