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Thank you is a body of work that focuses on my mother’s perseverance in spite of the trials and tribulations she faced as a single parent. It is a series of five large-scale assemblages that combine photographs and found materials that express my mother’s unique life experiences and personality. It is also a communication of my sincere reverence for what she overcame in raising a family by herself.

More broadly, this series is a broader look into the cultural phenomenon of single motherhood. This universal topic became a lens through which I could consider the struggles, support and love a mother like mine has given me. Each piece is composed of materials that aren’t considered to be art materials and few that are. While creating this series I used found objects from home along with handwritten words of affirmation to produce a meaningful assemblage comprised of objects, words and images.

As a young child I found an outlet in art. I found a sense of freedom of expression and sense of belonging. My mother has always encouraged me in all that I have been led to do in life including pursuing my love for art. I want to convey themes such as struggle, perseverance, and love. Growing up I learned to appreciate discarded materials and the “make something out of nothing” ethic. It helped me to see everyday materials as art materials. The way you can take a piece of material that was intend3dfor a use outside of art and turn it into something new really excites me. Though the recycling of found objects and creating art out of nothing. The discarded materials also are given a new purpose.

I ant viewers to see these works as something they can relate to. I want to express myself through a reflection of my past and present experiences with my mother. I want others to see beauty in the discarded and abandoned materials.


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