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The home is a sacred place, where we feel most comfortable. It’s where we perform our daily rituals, from the mundane tasks to the more complex routines. These moments are times when we pause and reflect. They are the quiet moments that have a surprising ability to ground us. My work compliments these instants. The pieces welcome relaxation and escape. They invite blissful memories of exploring nature with boundless imagination. My pieces bridge the gap of nostalgic memories to the present need for comfort in our own homes.

My decorative functional ware is inspired by nature and science. For most of our time on Earth, humans have been surrounded by wilderness, with shelters made from rocks and trees. The idea that humans are more comfortable with biological elements around us—rather than clean, geometric environments—is known as Biophilia. This concept is the basis for biophilic design. Instead of rejecting nature as if we have no place in it, we should embrace the natural world by modeling our everyday spaces after it.

Like the nature that informs it, my work embodies a balance of precision and fluidity. My process is a symbiosis of planning and coincidence, and I allow new features to come together throughout the process. I strive for my work to embody the simplicity of nature with precision and craftsmanship. I want my work to invoke comfort while being integrated as a regular part of each day. I make functional ware with the hope that my pieces will find homes and form connections with those who use them. When not in use, these items are also meant to decorate a space, because I believe home is where the art is.

Keneddi Horn

April 2021


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19 Jul 2022
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