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I am pleased to present “Bold Brew”, a colorful and engaging craft beer labels created digitally. I have crafted a series of six individual craft beer bottle labels influenced by Pop Art. The labels take you back in time with their comic-book design and imagery. They feature six different characters that are unique yet familiar troupes. The vibrant color palette will catch your eye, and the sassiness and boldness of the characters will make you want to stay and crack a cold one with them. These labels are meant to evoke a sense of nostalgia while putting a modern, relatable twist on them through the use of pattern, text and expression.

Many artists create with the intention of a deeper meaning, but I simply make art for the joy of it. I enjoy working with all types of mediums and I am far from a professional or a perfectionist. I like to blast music, get messy and lose myself in the process. I love shapes and colors, simplification and things that make me laugh. I am not attempting to be polemic or aggressively critique our world in either a political or theological manner. And if I do cross any lines, it is merely to be humorous or to entertain.

When I first studied the Pop Art movement, I developed a deep appreciation and love for the style. I love the focus on making everything glamorous and how artists can capture so much emotion and drama in one scene, like an action shot. However, what is most interesting is how they create so much depth using flat colors and a flat medium. Being a graphic designer, I knew these flat shapes could really be brought to life with the use of Adobe Illustrator. The program allows me to create any kind of shape with bold outlines and layer them up to build up 3-Dimensionality. I can modify little details such as facials features so that the emotions of the characters are evident not just through the text, but through the body language as well. Creating these digitally also allows me to ensure that the same colors are being used throughout the six pieces so as to create a sense of harmony between each of the individual characters.

My labels feature three men and three women, all with their own bold personality traits. Viewers can get to know the characters better by reading their character card below their label explaining what they’re like when they have a couple Bold Brews. It is my hope that most viewers can relate to at least one character, if not through the looks then though the text. I can only hope that viewers are enjoying my designs as much as I enjoyed creating them.


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19 Jul 2022
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