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My work has, as its core, the formal philosophy of reducing nature to its purest form. Each work emerges from exploring the theme of Arizona and its natural beauty. I have always been inspired by adventure and the world around me. I was once confined by the small, rural, one red light town that I was raised in, but now I can live out the poster that I hung on my wall when I was young— “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

This current body of work is a distillation of forms that have been repeated and geometrically simplified through a process of digital manipulation. To express the environments that I was captivated by, the Saguaro National Forest, Monument Valley, and Antelope Canyon, I dug deep into how I felt when I was in Arizona. I was surrounded by different textures and landscapes and the way hot, red dirt would seep into my sandals. I remember traveling underground and sensing smoothness of the wave-like canyon walls, while the sun was beaming into the openings. The use of pattern gives each work a sense of movement and the surprise of new visual stimulus. The carefully chosen color palettes influenced by the Arizona skyline, and the layering of linear textures are added to influence a cohesive body of work.

I have always been an artist that dabbles into different media. I enjoy all types of art: drawing, painting, weaving, and illustrating. I chose to form pattern designs because I could use all different media to create my final work of art. I start by sketching my motifs, converting it into vectors digitally to create the pattern, and then painting them to bring them to life. By having my patterns printed on everyday objects, such as socks, bags, notebooks, and home décor, I hope to inspire the everyday user and bring nature’s beauty into their everyday life.

Adventure and Place are the overall themes of my current body of work. I hope to inspire someone to reach outside of their comfort zone to find somewhere they finally feel at home and to look up and see the beauty that God has created around them.


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