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Artist Statement

I make artwork based on a large variety of things in my life that I see and take interest in. “Visions from the New World” is a series of works that explores my passion for Christian theology and how I view the figures and situations presented in the book of “Revelation”. The themes of human desire and the trials of humanity are frequently occuring in my art and have been for many years. My goal with this series is to express my passion for both graphic advertising and the theological elements that have inspired me throughout my life as an artist.

The traditional apocalyptic images and concepts are abstracted in my work and are presented in a context that is unexpected, challenging people's preconceptions. Stylistically, I have chosen different time periods with which to convey each character and situation. Each poster has in some way been inspired artistically by advertising of the past, as I wish to create a narrative in which a particular time cannot be placed. I chose to use digital illustration in Adobe Photoshop and incorporated vector elements from Illustrator to create the ideal image I had in mind for the poster effect.

My work as a whole has often featured fantastical images and theological elements. My goal with this series is to use the concept of poster advertising, which people are very familiar with, to convey images that they would not expect. I am taking the poster, typically used to create fantasies and feelings of escapism and superimposing the notion of apocalyptic mayhem upon the images. Along with this, I am also exploring the narrative of a post-apocalyptic world and how I feel the characters in that world would go about advertising the services they offer. In contrast, I have also created one piece that is meant to have been created by those Christians left behind, and this work is meant to depict their dwindling hope, opposing the enticing promises of the enemy.

This series primarily represents my emotional attachment and deep interest in my own faith, and my desire to bring to light an aspect of it that is not often focused on. By choosing to create these advertisements, I have created a look at these figures that is intriguing, yet also retains some amount of a feeling of intimidation. Despite the seeming triumph of the enemy, though, hints of good are still able to persevere. Even when surrounded by darkness, hope and faith still remain strong at the center of the chaos.


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18 Jul 2022
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