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Have you ever had the opportunity to deliver pizza to the elusive cryptid Big Foot? No? Would you like the chance to you? Pizza Portal employers pride themselves in providing an exciting and stable job opportunity that serves the community while strengthening relationships between workers and citizens of this city. At this job you will work with your coworkers to provide and deliver pizzas to Pizza Portal customers, which may or may not happen to be a variety of monsters and creatures.

Explore the characters of this town by playing the visual novel Pizza Portal, an interactive text-based story with a narrative style story telling aided by static or sprite-based visuals. This game acts as an interactive comic the player is thrown into to deal with awkward situations they are unfamiliar with. In Pizza Portal you will play as a new hire who has arrived for their first day as a pizza delivery driver for Pizza Portal, the pizza shop of this town. You make a bet with a new coworker that you will get a certain number of tips which you can only achieve by choosing the correct dialogue options in every customer interaction.

The developer of this game aimed to create a project that was a blend of familiar skills, illustration and storytelling, and unfamiliar skills, videogames, and coding. The visual novel game engine Renpy was used for the creation of the game, and the app Procreate was used for the illustrations. The goal was to make an easy, low stress game that anyone could play and enjoy, whether they have played a game or not. The developer drew inspiration from popular visual novels like Doki Doki Literature Club for the visual novel medium, and the cartoon Gravity Falls for the concept comedic monster interactions. Pizza Portal focuses on awkward and comedic encounters that play off monster and pop culture stereotypes. Do you know how old the Loch Ness Monster is on their birthday? I hope so because the wrong guess could be offensive and endanger your tip!

So, the ultimate question stands. Do you play this game? That depends. Do you want to know how much pizza dragons normally order? If Moth man like your monster jokes? Can ghosts pay for food? Would zombies be meat lover pizza fans? If so, this game is the game for you!

*Pizza Portal is not responsible for any harm that comes to employees when interacting with customers. This is acknowledged in the application for employment.

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