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19 Jul 2022
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    • © 2018 Thomas Fisher, All Rights Reserved

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    • 30533

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    19 July 2022

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    • Digital Photography, 12" x 16"

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    • Artist Statement:

      "God Help Us All" is a conceptual album of Christian hymns I recorded and structured in a way to communicate the idea that, even for a Christian, darkness will always be present in this current life. Photography and design work together to give a visual representation of this theme. A series of photographs are used to present relatable scenes depicting the feeling of misery, but also the hope of freedom from these struggles. The theme is also shown through the design of the CD packaging, which serves as a tangible presentation.

      Being raised in a Christian household, Christian art has been around me all my life. Much of it depicts only happiness and joy, absent of any recognition that we live in an evil, corrupt world. This kind of artwork may be understandable to a Christian, yet it is unrealistic and intangible to others. To convey these ideas in a more inclusive way, I created a work of both music and design to present the concept of the hope that Christianity speaks of through the perspective of the strife we all experience and understand.

      To capture the darkness, I constructed a series of photographs of realistic and relatable atmospheres, much like Edward Hopper's paintings of isolation. Different figures and places in each photograph prevent an arcing narrative between them. The ambiguity allows the viewer to project their own story and personal sorrows onto the photographs. The body language, facial expression, and the contrast of light and heavy shadows across each figure express the conflicts each viewer projects. The final photograph shows a stark contrast in subject matter, portraying the hope that can be found in Christ in the midst of suffering.

      I hope this work provokes viewers to place themselves into the frames causing them to recognize their own struggle, and see the hope that is possible despite it. This is not meant to depress viewers, but to show them they are not alone. There is an end to the darkness and hope through a trusting faith in God. God help us all.