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Pen 14" x 17"

The theme for this work is merging: in particular, the merge between the Old World and the New World. As I was studying this world event, it seemed that the people involved might not have been too thrilled about it. The inhabitants of the Old World were on an adventure to find gold and to spread God. Despite the goal of their conquest, many were lost at sea or ravaged by famine and disease. For the inhabitants of the New World, their fate was far worse. Their land was taken by intruders from a faraway land. Also, the explorers brought diseases that wiped out a large percentage of the new world population. With that said, this piece acts as a thought that someone might have had at one time about the merge. It’s made to be a more comical piece rather than historical. Thankfully, the long term effects are more positive rather than negative.


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18 Jul 2022
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    18 July 2022

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