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Artist Statement

For as long as I can remember, I have been enthralled by the world of fantasy. With the growth of technology and its shrinking of the boundaries between cultures, I found myself being attracted to stories from distant civilizations. This led me to think deeply about mythology and its influence on human beings. My imagination ran wild, leading to the fabrication of my own creatures born from the myths, legends, and stories I found so fascinating. Another passion of mine was reading contemporary books like Jurassic Park and The Lord of The Rings that helped me to develop more sophisticated narratives of my own. This led to the creation to my current exhibition The Mistress, Harlequin.

My current work depicts a hybrid of human and snake. I drew inspiration from the Hindu myth of Naga. These creatures are associated with rivers, lakes, and seas and are also priests and guardians of treasure. They live in the underworld, where they restricted from leaving because of their function as sacred caretakers. My work depicts a specific Naga, name Harlequin, who wishes to break free of her otherworldly duty as a temple priestess and instead become a wandering warrior. She feels a need to not sit idle or wait for something to come her way, instead wanting to go out and be active in adventures, protecting the lands and home she holds most dear to her heart.

As I grew older, I become more aware of the growing digital age around me and made it a part of my life. From that moment I realized that one of my most inspirational childhood experiences was watching the epic movie Lord of the Rings. This movie predominately relied on digital effects, which created a sense of believability that left me awestruck. I knew at that moment that I wanted to someday work to create something that would inspire others in the way that film inspired me. In this character study I want to showcase my current skills and perhaps give a glimpse of the future work I will do to elicit a similar response in this wider audience.

My show is one of wonder and inspiration. I want those that look upon it to think about who the character is, what kind of world she may come from, and what else could be out there in the realm of mythology. Everything is rapidly changing around us, and I for one see that there is no stopping that fact. Technology grows and I want to grow with it and spread my ideas and creations with everyone I can. My show is just the first step into the long journey that I am willing to go on, and I hope that others will leave seeing the world in a new and different way.


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