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50 pages. Editor: Dianne T. Parker. Associate Editor: David Strickland. Art Editor: Stacey Alexander. Staff: Sandra E. Baker, Eleanor S. Whitfield, and Terry Hulsey. Faculty Advisors: Sally Russell and Robert Westervelt. Cover: Terry Hulsey.

Contributors-essays: Sandra E. Baker, Jeanine Blachly, Jeff Markuten, Dianne T. Parker, Tim Smith, Donna Sparks, and Eleanor S. Whitfield. Contributors-Poetry: Stacey Alexander, Sandra E. Baker, Phyllis Dean-Westbrook, Heyward Gnann, Terry Hulsey, Monica Jackson, Brenda Lehett, Charles McMichael, Dianne T. Parker, Apryl Showers, Brad Strickland, David Strickland, Barbara T., Eleanor S. Whitfield. Contributors-Short stories: Sandra E. baker, David Strickland, Nanette Thorsen-Snipes. Contributors-Art: Stacey Alexander, Kurt Allen, Ann Magruder Bowen, Glenn Chandler, Wilda Courney, Dwayne Funderburk, Tucker Gougelmann, Dorothy Harbin, Tucker Terry Hulsey, Brenda Lehett, Annette Shippey, and Kelsey Troha.


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