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Your everyday emotions and actions are sometimes the most intimate things about you. What drives you to feel what you feel and do what you do? Everywhere you look, you see what may seem like small emotional interactions in everyday life—like picking up your child from school or going out for ice cream—but if you look deeper, those actions and emotions may just tell you the most important things. They may aid in telling you why someone makes the decisions that they do, or why someone feels the way that they do about something.

I aim to capture those simple, intimate emotional interactions amidst everyday life. Throughout all my work, I capture this sentiment, whether the object I am shooting is alive or not. I love seeing how simple things interact with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and I seek to find out why we as humans are the way that we are. I believe that all of us are so marvelously made in the image of the God who created us, and because of that, I seek to find connections back to that belief within my work. Digital photography has quickly become my medium of choice, especially street photography, because it is a quick way to snap the intimate moments that happen in the blink of an eye. I usually have my camera with me so that I can be ready for that at any given moment.

What you are experiencing now is my street photography series titled “Embodiment”. This term is defined as “a tangible or visible form of an idea, quality, or feeling.” Using that definition as a reference point for my photographs, I created a series of nine different photographs that embody the Fruits of the Spirit. These are a set of nine different character qualities that are outlined in the Bible. They are as follows:

- Love

- Joy

- Peace

- Patience

- Kindness

- Goodness

- Gentleness

- Faithfulness

- Self-Control

Each of the photographs in this series are documented through the street photography style. I have not posed anyone in these images. I do not know anyone in these images. I simply have been in these places, with my camera in hand, looking for the intimate emotional interactions of everyday life. While taking the photographs, I have been thinking about how they could relate back to the Fruits of the Spirit. I have numbered the photographs instead of titling the nine qualities. Just as I seek to understand why humans are the way that they are, I want my viewers to pursue this through their experience with my art.

In closing, I ask again: What drives you to feel what you feel and do what you do? Is it by chance that you are the way that you are, or is there a deeper driving-force that shapes who you are? For me as an artist experimenting with these questions, I have seen a deeper meaning within the simple, every day actions and emotions of humanity than what is seen on the surface. I hope that “Embodiment” will help you think about the simple emotions and actions that you choose to display, and, most importantly, help you see that you are marvelously made.


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