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Throughout history, humans have paired spirits with nearly every type of event and occasion. Tradition and celebration, marriage and mourning, victory… and even defeat. Alcohol has a way of bringing people together, and not just warriors in mighty mead halls preparing for battle, but groups of friends gathering to enjoy each other’s company. Role Playing games do much of the same. These types of games draw friends and strangers alike into a fantasy realm of their own making to get immersed in another world. This inspired me to bring the two together and explore what package stores in a city like Waterdeep or Solitude would look like.

Many products in our everyday life fulfil a practical purpose but lack an artistic design. Liquor bottles specifically tend to have a creative label but the bottle itself is usually somewhat bland. I sought to combine the rich world of a fantasy universe, such as Dungeons and Dragons, with the design and creation of liquor bottles. I envisioned each of these bottles as small sculptures made for practical use but with a whimsical flair. These designs take inspiration from various species and themes of the fantasy genre and aim to appeal to those with a love of adventure and wonder. Mountain Fire finds inspiration in the dwarven race with its glowing crystals and sleek obsidian-like base while Love Drunk relates to the magic of potions and spells.

This body of work is an exploration of merging the practical with fantastical. I use resin to capture light which fills the bottles with a sense of life and magic and simulates the look of glass.

Opaque elements such as pearls or gold embellishments add variation to each piece and compliment areas of translucency. I also included mock promotional advertisements to provide a realistic representation of how the bottles would appear if crafted from actual glass. Each advertisement was painted in photoshop and printed in the style of a published promotion as if it were printed in a magazine or displayed on a webpage.


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