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As a child interacts with the world around them, there is a sense of amazement, but as we grow older, we can lose that quality. I wanted to create a body of work that allows the audience to rediscover what it is like to look at the world around them with child-like awe and wonder. One of the places where I am especially able to see this myself is in nature. By choosing to capture the outdoors through the use of simple materials, I invite the viewer to take the opportunity to be reminded of their inner kid and see the beauty in the world as they interact with my show, Thinking Inside the Box, A Journey.

We are all on some type of journey, both literally and metaphorically. When I reflect on a hiking adventure or nature exploration, I think about how you stop to rest at the end of a day’s trip. You enjoy one another’s company around the campfire as stories are told, and you look in fascination at the creation around you. This is what I hope the audience is able to achieve from my work as well. The viewer will have the chance to stop, rest from their day, and travel back to what it was like to be a child as they can take a moment to reflect on what their own journey has been like from their youth to today.

In keeping with the theme, I chose to use materials from my childhood to show how one can push their capabilities and elevate what their resources can do. A kid can look at something and see its potential and possibilities. Thus, I selected a simple, everyday component that from the outside may not look like much but an element of surprise is awaiting on the inside. By making it a structure you can enter, the form engulfs you. Therefore, you are reminded of how your creativity and imagination surrounded you when you were young. There is also a level of interactivity with the piece as well so that the viewers can be involved in the creative process.

I have a fascination for the outdoors and a passion for the arts, and it brings me great joy that I get to combine and share my interests with the audience. I hope my work provides the viewer with a place to stop and rest for a moment and offers them an opportunity to reflect on youthful wonder and the simple joys of life. I want to invite the audience into an experience they can participate in that leaves them inspired to see art, nature, and the simplicity of childhood for its beauty and moves them to go forth and create.


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