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19 Jul 2022
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    • © 2018 Vanessa Estrada, All Rights Reserved

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    19 July 2022

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    • Stonehenge, live edge white pine, plywood 30" x 44"

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    • Artist Statement:

      I grew up in the hot, humid climate of Miami, Florida. It was muggy, rainy, and flat.

      Moving to north Georgia opened my eyes to a whole new perspective of what the true outdoors could be like. Suddenly there were mountains, rivers, state parks, seasons, and extraordinary wildlife waiting to be discovered. Ever since then I have been drawn to the ever-growing beauty of this state through its vast flora. Truthfully, I miss the times when I am able to be outdoors reconnecting with the surroundings that I have grown to deeply respect over the last few years. I have been caught up with a job, college, family and friends, a relationship, you name it. Without this connection, I realized that I had lost my appreciation for the incredible beauty found within nature. This led me to try and incorporate nature into my work, as an avenue for self-expression.

      Combining this idea with my passion for typography, and by incorporating a classic serif typeface like Baskerville, I created a typeface that would display some of the most beautiful aspects of nature. Through organic curves, lines, form and natural materials, I was able to capture the natural beauty of Georgia's native plant life. This relationship between my experiences with nature and my passion for typography allows me to rebuild the connection that I want to have with the outdoors again, while visually allowing viewers a glimpse into the intricate beauty that can be found if we step outside and enjoy what is around us.