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I have been interested in art since I was a child. My journey began with drawing and painting. As my studies progressed, I then transitioned to creating digital works of art during college. For this body of work I chose to combine graphic design and printmaking to create a brand. I love the idea of creating something digitally and then transforming it to a tangible object. I enjoy taking part in the entire creative process from concept sketches to the finished product. My shirt graphics depict different scenarios that young adults between the ages of 18-30 struggle with and are based on wordplay and idioms.

People tend to focus on how we are different. While this is what makes each of us unique, we all have plenty in common. I wanted to create a brand that would help people understand this. Everyone is grappling with something, whether it be depression, heartbreak, or even love. When I am going through something, I like to try to find humor in the situation. I exemplified this in my graphic “tough luck.” I combined the number 13 with a joker and a four leaf clover. I used the number 13 because it is considered to be unlucky by some. The joker represents laughter and the four leaf clover is a reminder that things will get better because it is a symbol of luck.

The shirt graphics are intended to be humorous. Each shirt design is based on a phrase. I used Photoshop, Illustrator, and pronto plates to create my brand. Photoshop enabled me to draw the shirt designs digitally, which made it easy to make adjustments. Illustrator was used for the branding aspect of my project, and to create my logo and posters. Pronto plates provided me with the ability to print my sketches onto the shirts. I have become fond of using pronto plates to transfer a digital creation into something wearable.

Creating this show I experienced a lot of anxiety about deadlines and content. I have since learned to slow down and enjoy the process of building a brand. Rattle My Bones is about being able to laugh at different situations and experiences that are typically considered to be miserable. While misery loves company, I hope that my brand helps to nurture a sense of community for anyone that may be struggling with tough luck.


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