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Throughout my years at the University of North Georgia, I have always wanted to create a piece that people can interact with. Knowing we are surrounded by artwork all the time really fascinated me and has taught me to appreciate the little things around me. This is the key idea why I wanted to make my Japanese mythology chess set.

All of the mythology god and goddess are 3D modeled by me, and I used Makerbot printers to print each piece. The style of the pieces is closely related to my illustration character style; chibi-anime-based style. Choosing the theme of Japanese mythology over any other mythology was the easiest part of this piece. I’ve always been fascinated by Japanese art and culture. I want this piece to show my appreciation to the Japanese culture for helping me build as an artist, and as a person. Each piece was chosen based on the universal chess game most everyone understands how to play around the world. Based on the moves for each piece, I compared them with a personality. Some decisions were based on connection to each other through their stories. From there, I was able to assign a mythology god to each chess piece role.

Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun, and I think one of the most important goddesses, is the king;

Uzume, the goddess of joy, is the queen;

Kirin; Part horse, part dragon, part deer mythical creature as the knight;

Omoikane, the god of wisdom, is the bishop;

Raijin, the god of lightning, is the rook;

Kitsune, the protector of all sacred temples, is the pawn.


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