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I knew from the beginning that I was meant to take charge. I have always been comfortable with stepping up, standing out, and even being misunderstood because of my assertive personality. My parents watched me turn from a bossy young girl into a woman with strong leadership skills and a highly creative mind. While I am very outgoing, I am surprisingly a proud introvert. I find satisfaction in art because it is a way of communicating that takes place in a solitary process that is protective and refreshing. I want my art to be refreshing and inspiring for the viewer. My artworks aren’t weighed down with heavy meaning, but are meant for taking delight in.

I am inspired by women who work, lead, and influence. My show is a celebration of women who do so in society. Amongst my digital paintings are women who have inspired me to step onto the field, run for that position, and take the reins of my career as a graphic designer. People like Jackie Kennedy who are strong yet elegant and chic, and people like Serena Williams who are bold yet graceful. All the women I chose turn the clichéd phrase “Like a Girl” into an empowering message for young women.

I am influenced particularly by American painter Alex Katz, who simplifies his portraits by using large blocks of color. I aim to also formally simplify my work without loading my images with politics, race, or debate. Teil Duncan, an American painter has also influenced me to explore the subject matter of women and their style, while painting both with sparing detail.

My four years in college have been a defining time of who I am as a woman and a leader. Between being an athlete, serving on campus, and holding multiple leadership positions, I revealed a Macy that I didn’t know existed. I have developed a confidence that is through the roof, a competitive edge like no other, and a desire to live my life as far away from my comfort zone as possible. I hope that my paintings will spark a flame in you to become the best version of yourself. I also hope to make you feel motivated to work towards your personal goals, even the ones that seem bold, crazy, and out of reach.


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