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A fusion of contemporary art and technology lives through me and flows, ink on a blank canvas. I create works with bits of myself hidden within and giving soul to the faces of my creations. The face of a company, with the marks of a hapless, tired soul woven like thread through the images. Sharp colors and angles, strewn with subtle imperfection; the straight line of a computer, and the shaky hand of a person that lives guarding a thread of hope within their heart lives together here.

I want to instill a sense of playfulness, intensity, whatever the mood is that I desire to pull through the threads of the human psyche. Works that appeal to the human emotion have always been the most important to me, and this is something that shows in almost all of the things that I make. Creators are architects to the emotion. This is my most powerful belief.

Some may believe that designing a graphic leaves less to the imagination than a painting, but both are wrought from the heart of the artist, carrying their style and their soul. To an extent, a piece of the creator is left behind in each work. It is a personal journey, to recall the emotions you felt while building something, to finally see it in its entirety.

I come from a simple upbringing, where my ideas were encouraged, bizarre or unconventional as they may be. I was raised to see the beauty in everything, be it something in nature, or something made by human hand. Beauty can be found in any small space, if you go looking for it.


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