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“Out of Nothing” is a photography exhibition that walks the viewer through the story of creation. The Bible illuminates how our world came into being through God speaking it into existence over the course of seven days. My photographs bring form to this extraordinary event. We recognize the trees, the water, the magnificent landscape around us today and it is awe-inspiring. To think about this creation in its purest form, just seconds after exploding into its splendid nature, merely reflecting its Creator, is almost daunting to think about.

These blurry, fuzzy, abstract photographs speak to this idea of the incredible task of bringing form to such a miraculous event. How can one know how this event took place? I hope this wondering and questioning of creation, and its evidence all around us today, fuels the viewer to investigate my photographs.

I chose to photograph in an out of focus and abstract way to evoke a feeling of beginning. The start of something coming into form, filling itself out. Searching for its beginning and end, still finding its edges, edges that are ultimately drawn in by its Creator. These images also draw the viewer in as they contemplate the subject itself. The photographs are just recognizable enough to be relatable, but altered enough to draw back on the idea of something coming into form.

I am drawn to the contemporary photographer, Uta Barth, who also photographs in a nondescript way. Her aim is to provoke her viewers into the act of looking and the process of perception. She creates images that remind us of the subtle passage of time, and the instinctive pleasure of seeing. I long for my viewers to be drawn into my photographs in response to their own beliefs and experiences. I allow for this by the use of blur and abstraction which removes any recognizable features that could distract the viewer from the event at hand.

What we see around us has origins. Origins that people everywhere have thoughts about, but no matter the stance of the viewer, I hope they can wrestle with the genesis of creation as they investigate my photographs.


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