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To me, the word “good” means selflessness, honesty, hope, kindness, honor, and humility. As I’ve grown, I’ve integrated this concept of good into my digital photography as my way of serving others, and as a means to appreciate the life I’ve been given. Broadly speaking, I hope that my artistic journey captures the beauty of those I photograph and gives others a sense of overwhelming love for who they are and the life they live. More broadly, this work is about expressing every human being’s struggle with morality and the choices they make.

There is a war being waged within us all. Every day we choose to fall into darkness, or take joy in the light. Darkness feels cold, desperate, lost, void, and hopeless. Light feels warm, spirited, passionate, and lively. I aim to draw attention to this internal war. Some of those whom I photograph are comfortable in the dark, hiding away from the light. Some crave the sweetness of hope and the warmth of the light, as they try to break free from the shackles of darkness. Some are basking in the light and only desire to share this light with others. I’m creating art that expressing my every-present search for the light. I believe the nature of warmth, spirit, and passion take their root in Jesus. This art revolves around the experiences of Christians who fight for the truth, and fall short. But because they can experience grace, and redemption through Jesus, the battle is not lost when they fall.

Photography is the study of light. I feel there is no better medium than photography to explore not only the physical quality of light, but also the concept of light as a social, emotional, and spiritual experience. In this series of photographs I am using the progression of darkness to light like a grey scale to show the physical change that happens in a person when on this inward journey for light. I use natural light predominantly, but occasionally utilize studio light to create thought provoking scenes that accentuate the individual’s state of mind. The photograph explores how the subject is interacting with the amount of light they have in the frame. The physical representation of how the person is interacting with the light is a metaphor for how the person is dealing with the light inwardly.

Seek Light, Be light is a show about the relentless search for light within those who believe in Jesus Christ. It is about the reality of living in a world of sin and choosing to believe in truth instead. My hope is that anyone who sees this show will be able to resonate with some part of it regardless of personal beliefs. Because, after all, there is a war waging within us all, and it should be known that none of us need to feel alone in this battle.


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