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A few months ago, my dog ate a chocolate chip cookie. My dog is 8 years old, and he is not small, but I was concerned. I did some googling, but it was impossible to find an answer about whether he would be okay or not. One source said he was fine, another said it was an emergency and I should contact a veterinarian. I couldn’t call the vet, as it was 9 pm. I found out that the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) has a poison control phone number, and thought this was my saving grace. I called them, but soon found out that they needed a credit card number to proceed, and that the fee was $75. I thought, how is that fair? I’m just trying to find out if my dog is going to survive eating a chocolate chip cookie.

After an hour of searching the web for something to help me, I found out that has a free vet resource for people who use their autoship feature, and fortunately I do. Luckily enough, they were available for another hour. I was able to talk to a vet and he said that my dog would be fine. I may have overreacted, but my dog is my best friend, and after 8 years of keeping him alive, I thought, could this be it? That is not a fun thought to have.

That’s the main reason why I created FriendIndeed. It’s a platform for any and all information a person could need, always available and always free. All I needed was a simple chart to tell me how much chocolate would hurt a dog of his size. There were a lot of sites that had confusing or contradicting information, and FriendIndeed would be a way to counteract the confusion.

The site isn’t only for pets, though. Throughout my life, I have found a stray kitten in my backyard, a random bunny’s nest in the ground, and a nest of baby birds in my garage. Luckily, my mom was a veterinarian’s assistant, and knew how to handle these situations, but not everyone has a veterinarian in their life that they can rely on. Also, taking these animals to a vet when it might not be necessary can cost a lot. FriendIndeed has answers to common questions that might arise, including whether or not you should take them to seek care. FriendIndeed’s goal is to provide information about animals for free, so that everyone can be informed, and to possibly help save an animal’s life.


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