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Google was founded on September 4, 1998 in Menlo Park, California. I was born the next day, September 5, 1998 in Atlanta Georgia. I have never known a world without the digital space—we have grown up together—almost as siblings, and it’s hard to discern how much of my childhood and early adulthood was spent exploring the digital landscape as opposed to the real world. It’s hard to discern if the digital landscape is as real as the real world.

What does the digital space look like? Both infinite and finite—a user interface is designed to connect the individual to the rest of the world, and yet each user's experience is a unique monastic and isolated experience. I don’t know what your curated digital space looks like, I don’t know the places you’ve been, I don’t know what you’ve felt as you’ve traversed, but I assume there’s some overlap between our experiences.

“Do You See What I See, in RGB” is a graphic and typographic exploration of these shared experiences in a large-format, poster-fine-art hybrid form. As a graphic designer, my intention is that every aspect of the piece leads the viewer to the space we are exploring: the vertical compositions, the use of primary colors (red, green, and blue), the strong and dominating typographic layouts, the fonts chosen, the recognizable icons, the phrases, the mark making (pixels, dots, vertical lines), etc.The work draws on motifs from the past, like the still life, the portrait, the female nude, and religious iconology. My aim is for the work to have a poster like quality while still maintaining a fine art presence by using themes found throughout art history, to both synthesize the struggles of the past with today's issues, and draw the viewer to a place of cultural critique and commentary.


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